"Books For Our Children"

“We’ve got a warehouse with 15,000 books which are already owned by the children of Ghana. We just need to raise the funds to get them there.”
~Fred Lincoln, Yaaba

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March 1 - May 30
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February 1, 2011 YAABA began Yaaba's massive RETURN TO AFRICA FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN! We are currently organizing several PROJECTS in the Akuapim Rim, Eastern Region of Ghana: sending Books, medical supplies, Braille books and materials to Africa, and a Youth-to-Africa program.

How YOU can help

Donate today and change the life of a child with the gift of books!

Yaaba is currently focused on getting books to our children in Ghana. We have collected over 15,000 high quality text books for our children. It costs over $8,000 USD to purchase and ship the sea containers needed to ship our warehoused books to Ghana. You can help by DONATING funds.